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About Us

We've lived year round in Sunrise Beach for over 15 years, the last 2 we opened our home and hearts to helping rescue dogs. We're very proud to have helped  27 dogs (and counting) find a home. Now we're ready to take the next step and start a Doggy Daycare in our backyard. Aside from a 4 foot tall chainlink fence our yard has great shady spots, hiding spots and of course napping spots.  Besides a resident human your dog will be kept company by our 3 boys and a foster who love to play, run and wrestle. 

Our Staff


Craig        Entertainment Coordinator, Event Specialist

This sensitive 80 pound baby boy was our first foster fail. Meaning: we fell in love with this guy immediately so technically he was only a foster dog for 1 week, he's been a rescue dog since then. In the meanwhile this gentle giant has taught 35+ fosters how to be a dog. Whether they need patience or play, big or small Craig has the skills to befriend anyone he's met. Tired of being labeled a PitBull Craig had a DNA test which showed him to be Boxer, Great Dane and Great Pyranese. 


Nacho      Security/ Threat assessment

Our 2nd foster fail because let's face it....this little man is adorable. This PomChi Corgi had a rough start to life but now he oozes charm, well at least when he's not taking Craig's toys and treats. With no regard for his puny size he believes it's his responsibility to have every dog play by the rules. Badges?He don't need no stinkin' badges he's the man in charge. Click the YouTube and TikTok links below for evidence, like mounds of it.

Squiggy halloween 2022.jpg
Squiggy           Customer First Representative

 Squiggy is our newest family member and 3rd foster fail. If you've seen our vids on Youtube and TikTok you already know this little fellow is here to play. Squiggy has an amazing ability to convince other dogs they want to play, or give up their toys or treats or comfy spot. Hmmm...Squig may be using hypnosis. Is that legal? How do i erase this.....f you'll excuse me I need to give Squiggy whatever he asks for...



Cindy and Sean        Owner/ Operators

At Sunrise Beach Doggy Daycare we do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet just as we care about our own. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services. Our boys have taught manners and respect to over 35 rescue dogs who were then adopted in to their forever homes. All dogs fall into line and behaviours improve drastically when joining our pack. Need more help? Training is available from Rhonda Loewen. Need an artist representation of your best friend? Our artist Lyndsey's ready to turn your best friend into a valued keepsake drawing or painting-  see their links on the rates/services page.

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